Interactive discussion of the phenomenon of creativity in humans and artificially intelligent machines.

Created for the "Creativity, Technology, & How the Brain Learns" course at the University of Georgia, Spring 2017.


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I enjoyed this more than thought I would and the music ended and continued at perfect moments to provoke my thoughts, I liked the second one more because it is more oriented on the future not the past. its probably just because I'm young but I didn't understand the first scenario fully so II ended up replaying it twice and didn't get it more the second time. but overall i enjoyed the game very much as it is a more interactive way to learn I hope this becomes a series I will play through. so please Ceren Ocak, make more.

I don't know if Vermeer is the best choice for artist in that second scenario considering it's very likely he used a mechanical aid in his paintings such as camera obscura. Check out "Tim's Vermeer".